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    Boris Rasinski Levin

    Perfect live drum tracks for your song

  • About

    Boris Rasinski Levin is a professional session drummer

    and music producer

    session drummer

    Over the last 20 years Boris has worked as a session drummer for many singer songwriters, producers and bands: Dana Elle (Likvornik), Nachum Peterseil, Aviram Gottfried, Jeffrey Roiy Otmi, "Rendezvous", "SugarPlumBaby", "Anyway Gloria"...

    Boris specializes in recording live acoustic drum tracks in

    styles like Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funky, Fusion, Alternative, World Music and more.


  • Studio Gear

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    Drums: Sonor, Gretsch, Ludwig

    Cymbals: Paiste, Zildjian

    Audio Interface: Prism Sound Titan

    Pro Tools 11, Cubase

    Preamps: Focusrite ISA ONE X2 ,Prism x4, Integrity 2 LEV, Prism Sound 4 PRES

    8030B Genelec Studio Monitors, Auratones

    Hardware Gear: Warm Audio WA76 Compressor x2, EQP-WA tube Equalizer x2

    Microphones: Coles 4038 x2, Gefell MT71S x2, Guy Shemesh custom mic x2 Beyerdynamic mc930, Sennheiser e604 X3, AKG D12VR, D5, Shure Beta 52A, 57, 58 ,Audio Technica...


  • How It Works

    Save time and money, contact Boris and you’ll get a professional recorded custom drum tracks for your project

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    1. Contact me

    2. Send me a demo of your song

    3. Pay for the service you need via Paypal

    4. I send you a mp3 demo drum track

    5. I do up to 2 revisions (if needed)

    6. You get a complete drum tracks for your song

  • Services & Price

    Drums Tracks - $120 per song

    Percussion Tracks - $80 per song

    Drums & Percussion Tracks - $180 per song

    EP/Album - contact me

    Complete rhythm section production/recording - contact me



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